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Centec Networks has partnered with leading providers of complementary software and hardware component to ensure interoperability, reduce time to market and lower the R&D cost for our customers.
Software Partner
IP Infusion is a leading provider of intelligent network software solutions for enhanced IP services.
Solution Partner
DAHO Networks: As China’s first large-scale commercial SD-WAN solution provider, DAHO Networks is committed to building an open network service platform with the best experience which can provide connectivity service anywhere.
TiCOMM is a leader providing SDN and cloud converged platform and solutions. It’s engaging in SDN architecting, designing, research and development, IPR and OAM. With the philosophy, “OPEN, CONVERGENCE and REFORMING”, TiCOMM delivers competitive and outstanding proposition such as unified platform converging SDN and cloud, SDNFV controller, network monitor and solutions for IDCs, ISPs / Telco / MSOs and industries, which have been deployed and operated successfully by some national institutions in science, education, health-care and culture, well-known IDCs, ISPs and other fields.
Future Network provides forward-looking network solutions and technical services to support the development of China’s communications, military, computer, finance, electricity, intelligent transportation, safety, health, education, smart medical, smart city and other fields.
Yunshan Networks is the first high-tech startup focused on software-defined networking in China. Yunshan Networks was established in December 2011, primary members from Tsinghua University and several global network magnates. Yunshan has been invested by Northern Light, Redpoint, Matrix venture capitals, and totally raised more than 20 million USD. Since 2013, Yunshan has successfully delivered DeepFlow, a pure software SDN product, to more than 100 Chinese enterprise customers, 20% of them are from Fortune 500.
ATTO Research is a network virtualization innovator with advanced SDN and NFV technologies,specialized in security-enhanced SDN control, network management, and cloud network virtualization.