Centec Networks Extends Ethernet Switching Silicon Family with DUET2 Device for Secure and Converged Enterprise Networking Designs

News Highlights:
  • Fifth-generation 640Gbps switch enables full-speed 1GE to 100GE converged enterprise networks.
  • Includes industry-leading multi-gigabit and MACsec support for secure wireless and wireline convergence.
  • Turnkey solution includes comprehensive development support to streamline and simplify design of open-networking solutions.
SUZHOU, CHINA, Oct. 12, 2017-- Centec Networks, a leading innovator of Ethernet switching silicon and SDN white box solutions, today unveiled its fifth-generation switch chip for the open-networking market, DUET2 (CTC7148), extending its family to deliver full-speed 1GE to 100GE converged enterprise data and storage networking with a device that is optimized to meet customer requirements for cost, power, security and wireless and wireline convergence.
“An extension of our proven GoldenGate series solution, the DUET2 switch is a cost-optimized, low-power device that includes newly added multi-gigabit (Multi-Gig 2.5G/5G) and 25G/50G interfaces, enhanced enterprise-class security capabilities, and multiple new convergence features that simplify the development of today’s enterprise networking solutions,” said Tao Gu, vice president of business development for Centec Networks. “We continue to embrace an open-networking strategy while expanding our offering to address some of the biggest challenges of Ethernet switching in today’s open-networking marketplace.”
“There is growing demand for solutions that can help fuel the ‘convergence of everything’ onto enterprise Ethernet networks,” said Bob Wheeler, principal analyst at The Linley Group. “Centec’s DUET2 is an example of a new generation of switch solutions that are purpose-built to support this kind of convergence at all levels of the wireless and wireline enterprise network, and at the price points and power efficiency necessary for broad adoption.”
“Open networking solutions have enabled developers and data center operators to preserve their investments across many platforms using the silicon, hardware and operating system solutions of their choice in each layer of the networking stack,” said Simon Stanley, analyst at large with Heavy Reading. “Solutions like DUET2 will help make this possible in enterprise networks while giving them the kind of visibility and intelligence that has typically only been available in the cloud data center.”
Product Feature Details
  • Ubiquitous Ethernet connectivity: Includes interfaces that supports all possible Ethernet speed including 1G/2.5G/5G/10G/40G and 25G/50G/100G.
  • Support for enterprise wireless and wireline convergence: The DUET2 device supports Control and Provisioning of Wireless Access Points (CAPWAP) and Multi-Gig (2.5G/5G) technology with industry’s first USXGMII interface. An on-chip CAPWAP engine is included for E2E encryption and decryption, and additional security is provided through a per-port MACsec without the need for an additional physical layer (PHY) device.
  • Advanced network visibility and intelligence: The switch features capabilities proven in Centec’s high-bandwidth Golden Gate switch that improve real-time network decision-making and the resulting user experience, including application-aware processing and enhanced visibility to the network forwarding plane using on-chip flow tracing, elephant flow detection, and real-time network monitoring.
  • Productized switch platform: The platform is based on either a commercial or open source network operating system (NOS) for global vendors to integrate and customize for SDN and open-networking applications.
Engineering samples of DUET2 silicon and turnkey solutions are shipping to customers and multiple design-in are underway with volume production scheduled for the second quarter of 2018. The solution is supported by a software development kit (SDK) and the company’s upper-layer Centec CNOS reference software for SDN Openflow, enterprise and SMB applications.
About Centec
Centec Networks provides innovative switching silicon and white box solutions that improve SDN deployment while empowering it for carrier, enterprise and data center networks. Leveraging a high-performance open SDN architecture, Centec enables seamless migration from the traditional L2, L3 and MPLS/MPLS-TP architecture to the new SDN era while solving some of SDN’s biggest challenges. Centec and its customers are redefining the future of network switching. For more details, please visit the Centec website at http://www.centecnetworks.com
Author:      Published at:2017/10/11 9:09:08