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Centec Early Access Development Platform (EADP) is an innovative silicon evaluation and system development platform. It’s built on Centec Silicon Functional Model (SFM) embedded in an actual hardware platform. The platform enables customers to start system design/evaluation and software integration before the actual silicon sample is available, which helps to shorten the time to market of the end product. EADP supports strong diagnosis and debug function which could further help trouble shooting and easy development to further reduce R&D cycle and efforts.
EADP is constructed by 2 major components: EADP Server and EADP Client. The EADP Server is a standard Ethernet switch with 48 1GE ports and 4 10GE ports, with SFM embedded. The EADP client can be either a server or target platform running Centec SDK or complete system software with Centec SDK integrated. EADP server and client are connected via network. The software integration/development work done on EADP can be seamlessly transferred to the real silicon based product based on the actual silicon.
The CTC5160 functional model is available now on the platform.
Features Block Diagram
Physical chip independent early development which greatly shortens the design cycle of the real product.
Unified architecture available to all TransWarp series chips.
Flexible modes for easy & quick deployment.
Rich debug features as efficient tools for accurate troubleshooting on both EADP and real system.
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