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The CTC5162/CTC5163 is a high feature, high performance IP/Ethernet all-in-one switch designed to fulfill next generation Data Center and Enterprise network requirements at low cost.
CTC5162 is pin to pin with CTC5163 with reduced SerDes optimized for 24-port applications. It enables shared PCB design for 24 GE port switch and 48 GE port switch. The single chip bandwidth can run up to 104Gbps/120Gbps with 64K MAC and 16K IP.Typically, it can be configured as following modes:
CTC5162: 6&time;QSGMII + 8×SFI/XFI
CTC5163: 12×QSGMII + 8×SFI/XFI
CTC5163: 12×SFI/XFI
Target Applications
Enterprise Aggregation
Data Center ToR
Highlighted Features
Low Power
Typical 15W at maximum throughput
EEE supported
Low Latency
Cut-through Forwarding
Cloud Stacking
Network based stacking on any ports with topology as ring/tree/mesh
High Security
Port/VLAN/ACL based mirror (1:N)
MAC binding per IP/port/VLAN
Advanced L3 Support
IPv4/IPv6 dual stack forwarding
IPv4/IPv6 tunnel, GRE over IPv4/IPv6, GRE based VPN, 6to4, ISATAP, MPLS over IP
Rich transition technologies including NAT64, IVI
CAPWAP for Wireless Access
RFC 5415 compliant CAPWAP
L2/L3 roaming
Data Center Features
VEPA, Port Extender
Trill, SPB
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